10 Blog Directories Actually Worth Your Time

Getting eyes on your blog can be extremely difficult if you are starting off fresh. A good way to get your blog out there is to submit it to blog directories. These are websites which categorize blogs under many different categories. However, they are not search engines so people cannot search for your blog on them, but they can navigate to the categories they are interested in and find it that way.

Directories categorize your blog based on what your content is about. Usually the best blog directories are human edited, meaning that each submitted blog is reviewed by a person who decides whether the blog belongs in the directory or not. Because the blogs are manually reviewed, these directories are considered a lot more reputable than non-human edited directories.  Thus, it is important not to make any common publishing mistakes when you write your posts before submitting your blog.

Not only do blog directories help get your blog to people who are interested in the topic you write about, they also provide strong back links and can help your posts get ranked in search engines.

Here is a list of 7 blog directories in no particular order, that are reputable and can help your blog greatly gain exposure. The list is based on ease of use, authority, and popularity.

(Please note that some of these directories require payment or a banner/badge on your blog that links back to them.)

EatonWeb is the self-proclaimed oldest directory on the web. It is human-edited and rates the blogs on its directory against 3 metrics – overall, strength, and momentum. Not only will your site be listed with sites like Gawker, Huffington Post, and other big sites, but it will also be rated. If you consistently produce great content, a listing on EatonWeb can rise to the top fast.

Jayde is both a B2B search engine and directory and has been around since 1996. If your blog is part of a business site, considering listing it for free on Jayde. They have many categories and also use a special search algorithm they call ClickRelevance, which pushes search results to the top based on user interaction. Keep in mind that your business site has to have its own domain to get listed.

Dmoz is not just a blog directory, but a directory of the entire web. Incredibly ambitious, it is completely human-edited by a group of volunteer experts in their fields. The submission process can be a little complicated, but it is well worth it, especially considering the site’s authority.

Ontoplist is another free, human-edited directory, but this one comes with the addition of their own analytics. Due to the high number of submissions, it can take a few weeks to get your site listed. This can be expedited with a PayPal payment or by putting a graphical badge linking back to Ontoplist on the blog homepage. For their analytics, a graphical badge is required. The directory also ranks your site in its directory based on its authority.

Blogcatalog listings are free, unless you are submitting a business blog in some select industries, including SEO agencies and wedding photographers, etc. There are a lot of paid options that are supposed to help boost your blog but they are not necessary. Approval usually takes a few days, and there is a somewhat active community of bloggers on the website.

Best of the Web is a collection of websites that aim to collect the, well, best of the web. Their blog directory requires a fee and is human-edited. The directory has a high authority score and some big sites are listed on there as well. 

Ping-o-matic is a nice little service that doesn’t list your website, but it does ping directories and aggregators, letting them know your blog has been updated. Once these websites and aggregators get that ping, they crawl and index your site. This service is great to get your website some easy, free, exposure. If you are running WordPress, chances are good that your blog already does this whenever a new post is published. If you aren’t using an automated pinging system on your blog platform, it is really easy to do it manually on the ping-o-matic website.

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Peterz Gerhard is a writer and project manager at Growth Labs, an online marketing agency, in addition to being an English teacher.

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