16 Best Plugins to Improve WordPress Comments

Comments are an integral part of many WordPress blogs as an effective approach to have interaction users and build community. The default WordPress commenting system is nice however it is quite plain and basic. However, you can extend the this basic commenting system into a strong user engagement platform for your website. In this text, we have a tendency to will show the simplest plugins to improve WordPress comments and take them to the next level.

1. De:comments

Preview of De:comments enabled comments in WordPress

De:comments is an all in one plugin to totally rework your WordPress commenting system. It permits users to vote and down vote comments, share invididual comments, login with existing social accounts, embed images, Gifs, videos, tweets, and a lot of.

2. Yoast Comment Hacks

Yoast Comment Hacks

Yoast Comment Hacks is a suite of tools that helps build comment management easier. It permits you to email comment authors from WordPress, email all users who commented on a particular post, provide cleaner comment notification email, redirect 1st time commenter to a thank you page, assign comments to a selected thread, and a lot of.

3. Basic Comment Quicktags

Basic comment quicktags in a comment form

This plugin merely adds quick tag buttons in WordPress comment type’s text space. This enables users to quickly add links, build text bold or emphasised, and add block quotes by pressing the buttons.

4. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

Subscribe to Comments

Comments are a strong manner to create communities. But how would individuals apprehend if there is a brand new comment once they browse your post? Subscribe to Comments Reloaded permits users to subscribe to comments and receive instant email notifications whenever there is a brand new treat the article. Users will unsubscribe at any time and manage their own subscriptions on your site.

5. Simple Comment Editing

Simple comment editing

Sometimes when a user submits a comment, they immediately understand they have created a spelling mistake or some other error. Simple Comment Editing provides a users a flexible time during that they will edit their own comments on your website.

6. No Page Comment

Disable comments on pages and media attachments

By default, WordPress would show a comment box on your pages and even media attachments. You will edit a page and turn off comments. But if you have several pages, then it becomes a chore. No Page Comment plugin allows you to easily switch off comments for your pages and media attachments in WordPress.

7. oEmbed in Comments

oEmbed in WordPress comments

WordPress permits you to simply embed videos, tweets, and abundant a lot of by simply pasting the URL within the post editor. However, if a user posted a YouTube video URL, Flickr photo, or a tweet URL within the comments it would appear simply as text. oEmbed in Comments plugin enabled the oEmbed functionality for WordPress comments still. This allows your users to simply embed videos, gifs, photos, tweets, status updates, from a large selection of oEmbed supported providers.

8. Moderator Role

Adding a moderator user role in WordPress

Comment moderation will become very time consuming for massive and busy websites. Moderator Role plugin permits you to assign the moderator role to your community members, employees or loyal users. This can offer them access to comment moderation space in WordPress and they can be able to approve comments on your web site.

9. Tako Movable Comments

Sometimes you will want to create a replacement version of an older post on your web site. While you’ll easily copy paste content from recent post to new, there’s no easier manner to move the comments. Tako Movable comments allows you to move comments from one post to a different.

10. Comments Since Last Visit

A new comment highlighted in WordPress

This plugin is available from GitHub see our guide on how to put in WordPress plugins from GitHub. Comments Since Last Visit merely adds a class to the new comments since a users last visit to the post. It sets a cookie when the user visits a post for the primary time. On next visits it compares the dates and adds the CSS class to new comments.

11. Featured Comments

Feature or bury comments

Not all comments on your website are equal. Some comments add value to the discussion and a few derail the conversation. Featured Comments enable you to feature prime quality comments and bury irrelevant comments.

12. Comment Approved

Comment Approved notification settings

Comment moderation is the foremost reliable approach to house comment spam. However, when a user leaves comment, they don’t get notified when their comment is published. Comment Approved plugin sends email notification after you approve a replacement comment.

13. DX Unanswered Comments

Unanswered Comments

Comments are sensible for user engagement but you wish to speak with users by answering their comments. Unanswered Comments plugin allows you to easily filter unanswered comments. You will type comments and then reply to all comments.

14. WordPress Comments Fields

Comment Form Custom Fields

By default, the comment space shows four fields (name, email, web site address, and message). Comment Form Custom Fields allows you to add a lot of fields to your WordPress comment form. The plugin can show the info submitted through custom fields as comment meta.

15. Send email only on Reply to My Comment

Subscribe to comment replies

This plugin allows users to subscribe to comments and receive notifications when someone replies to their comments. This is helpful for users who just need to receive notifications for just their own comments.

16. Control Comment Length

Control Comment Length

By default WordPress comments don’t have any limit. Users can leave very small comments that build no sense in the slightest degree, or spammers can leave very long comments. Recently, it absolutely was discovered that some hackers tried to cover their malicious code in extremely lengthy comments that executed when the comments were viewed on the admin screen. Control Comment Length permits you to line minimum and maximum character limits for comments in WordPress.