40 Creative Ways You Can Use End-Of-The-Year To Boost Your Blog Audience

How to grow your audience during the end of the year

The upcoming holiday season is a great opportunity for you to improve your blog and increase your audience. Many bloggers and other mainstream sites will decrease their workload and slow down the frequency of posts published during the holidays. This happens even though the potential visitors are still online and ready to spend their holiday hours consuming the content.

This is your opportunity to stand out while there’s less noise than normal. You could and should use this period to create some “end of the year” blog posts that can help you grow your traffic and get your work introduced to a new audience.

  • Year-end articles are usually top-list posts with great headlines that people cannot resist clicking on.
  • They are simple, reader-friendly posts that tend to be shareable in social media.
  • These posts can look back at the year presenting lessons learned, recapping the year and reviewing the most important happenings of the year.
  • These posts can also look forward to the next year and feature your predictions, hopes and other future trends.

This article features some examples and ideas of what articles you can publish on your blog during this holiday season. Review the list and have a think about which of these fit well for your blog. Aim to publish at least one of these posts during the month of December and see your traffic increase.

Let’s get started.

Lessons learned and your other takeaways from the year

You have the authority in your field. Your readers want to know what lessons you have learned so they can learn and improve as well. Publishing a “lessons learned” article is a great way for you to summarize your learnings, tips and advice that you have gained over the past year.

A concise post of best practices and lessons learned during the year is a very useful, practical and sharable type of article. These articles help people get introduced to you and your field.

  • Is there a specific niche topic you could focus on when creating this type of post?
  • Can you focus the post on career lessons learned?
  • Or life lessons learned?
  • Or relationship advice?
  • Blogging lessons learned?
  • Here’s a recent example from me and my lessons learned in the year since I quit my job and became a digital nomad.

Publish anything that you believe you can contribute with that interests your audience and that they would find useful and inspiring.

Top list of the year

This is as simple as it gets. Publish a list of resources or people who helped you, inspired you, and/or entertained you during the year. This is a great opportunity for you to share the work of people who inspired you during the year, help drive more traffic to them and introduce yourself to them that way. Here are some ideas:

  • Create the list of people who have changed your industry the most in the year.
  • Or maybe list sites that you read the most during the year.
  • Or the list of most influential Twitter users in your field.
  • Or the best articles that you’ve read this year.
  • Or best books you’ve read during the year.
  • Or books you recommend people read during their holidays.
  • Or your favorite TV shows and other TV series.

Again everything is permitted. There are so many opportunities in the variety of things you can talk about. Take some time to brainstorm some options and be as creative as you can be. Always think about what would your audience find useful and interesting. You are creating these articles for them after all.

A year in review – best, worst, funniest, strangest

Publish a simple “review of the year” post. Take time to think about what options you have and be as creative and as personal as you want to be. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • What happened in your industry during the year? What was good? What was bad?
  • What happened in your own life?
  • What happened with your own blog? Do the annual review and publish it in public.
  • What did you like in the year? What didn’t you like?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What do you want to change in the next year?

You could present this all in a month by month summary of the year. This would make it easier for your visitors to consume and understand. You have as much freedom as you want to create something your audience will enjoy.

“Best articles of the year” list

This is a simple one. Simply create a list of top posts. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Publish a list of top 10 or top “whatever-number-you-pick” of most visited posts on your site during the past year.
  • Or maybe a top list of most commented posts.
  • Or the most retweeted and socially shared posts.
  • Or simply your favorite posts of the year.
  • Or all these together in one huge, epic post.

You get the idea. Be as creative as you want. Everything is permitted. You have a feel for what might work best for your audience.

This type of post gives you a great opportunity to put some old posts back into the reader spotlight. Use those older but still amazing posts to drive new visitors to your site.

Predictions for the upcoming year

Write a post about things you think people should look forward to in the new year. Explain why you believe certain things will happen.

  • Upcoming trends in your industry.
  • Key trends, tactics and strategies for the next year that your audience needs to know.
  • What should your audience watch out for in the new year? Upcoming situations, events, opportunities and threats.
  • Your predictions for the new year.
  • What should your audience know about and prioritize next year to be on top of their game.

“New Year’s Resolution” post

This is a very personal type of post that helps you connect with your visitors. A personal connection always helps get the post to be spread virally. Here are some ideas:

  • What are you hoping for in the new year?
  • What projects are you working on?
  • What goals did you set yourself?
  • What are you trying to do next year?
  • Such as my post on reasons why blogging should be your New Year’s resolution this year.
  • You could focus on guiding your audience through how best to stick with their resolutions and make lasting change in their lives. Such as my example on how you can make the upcoming year your best year yet.

Put the spotlight on your audience

Could you do a survey of your visitors that you can then feature in an article? Use Twitter and social media to ask your audience questions and put together the most interesting answers.

  • Discover their favorite things and/or people in the past year
  • Discover their lessons learned and other advice
  • Discover their resolutions / hopes / dreams / expectations for the upcoming year

Not only is this a great piece of content but it can also help you get ideas for posts to create in the future.

Year-end special sale and other offers

If you’re selling your own product, you can use the year-end to boost your sales. Think about how best to do this offer as it could give you a nice boost and a welcoming Christmas gift to end the year with.

  • Offer a special year-end discount.
  • Urge your visitors not only to buy the product for themselves but also to give the product as a gift to their family and friends.

Get some blogging done but enjoy your holidays too!

Which type of blogger will you be this holiday season? The one that works on improving his or her blog or the one that forgets all about it, neglects it and focuses on the food and drinks only?

There are so many options to make the end of the year a great finish and attract lots of new visitors, links to your site and new loyal fans. Now you just have to stop reading and start producing some content.

Enjoy your holidays but do make sure to take some steps forward with your blog too. Automating some of the tasks to get yourself more time to enjoy with your family and friends is important too. Happy holidays!

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