6 Tips for Crafting an Awesome Name for Your Blog

Your blog wants an identity if you would like it to face up against the several alternative blogs that exist already. Its identity is comprised of numerous factors: your voice, your choice of style and layout, and the photographs you publish alongside your words. However, it starts with an awesome name that succinctly summarizes the blog’s purpose.

Start With Your Blog’s Focus

Name for your blog
Your blog’s name establishes its identity together with your readers.

What sort of content do you wish to publish? Will you specialise in a particular subject or do you propose to branch out into several areas of interest?

Your blog’s focus informs every post you write. It creates your brand and identifies you as a private.

The best name for your blog might reference your own name. Let’s say your name is Jane Doe and you blog about cupcakes. A blog referred to as “Jane Doe’s Cupcakes” is succinct and, additional necessary, illustrative.

A blog name that references your blog’s focus is just like the title of a non-fiction book. Readers recognize what to expect from the words printed on its spine.

Add A Humorous Spin

Crafty, clever, or capricious blog names stick in visitors’ minds. They would possibly build a humorous pun or draw a shocking association between two seemingly disjointed ideas.

Take Jane Doe’s blog, as an example. Maybe she not only loves cupcakes, however conjointly writes crime thrillers. She would possibly title her blog “Crime and Cupcakes,” that makes an amusing connection and intrigues the curiosity of readers.

Copy Or Condense Your Domain Name

Your domain name (the name in the URL of your blog) may offer inspiration for your blog name. For example, the popular personal humor blog, The Bloggess, is written by blogger and memoirist Jenny Lawson. The blog name is shared by the domain name.

Alternatively, if you’ve chosen an extended domain name, consider shortening or condensing it to your blog name. Maybe you selected the domain name “JaneDoeCrimeandCupcakes.com” but you don’t need to use your name for the blog’s title. Instead, simply decision it “Crime and Cupcakes.”

Play With Adjectives

If you’re annoyed in your explore for an awesome name for your blog, contemplate adding an adjective to the noun you’re considering. For example, if you write a blog regarding DIY crafts, you’re in sensible company. Create it memorable by adding an adjective to the front: Budget-Friendly DIY Crafts, No-Sew DIY Crafts, or Knock-Off DIY Crafts.

An adjective makes an uneventful, run-of-the-mill blog name additional creative. It conjointly makes it additional specific.

Mine Your Online Identity

Is there a reputation you’ve used on-line on message boards, forums, and alternative platforms for years? Use it for your blog to form instant connections for your readers.

This recommendation makes perfect sense if you’ve lived a public online life. Maybe you’re known for your comments on other blogs or your activity on message boards. Leverage that identity to achieve traction for your blog.

Use Alternative Words To “Blog”

Name for your blog
Your blog’s name establishes its identity along with your readers.

Journal, compendium, record, diary, periodical, ledger, memoir, notes – these are all synonyms for a blogging website. Use them to come up with a compelling blog name.

You may additionally seek for words in another language (even a dead language, like Latin) or play with the spelling of a common word. Grab a piece of paper and pen, then start jotting down words as they are available to you. Put totally different words along till a mix sounds appealing to your ear.

While an awesome blog name sets up your on-line venture for fulfillment, it isn’t the end-all, be-all determination of your blog’s fate. Take the time to pick out a name you’ll love for years to come back, however keep in mind that the most important part comes next: posting content.