7 Reasons Why You Should Host with HostGator

If you’ve decided to create a blog that earns you money, it is time to get serious and choose a good hosting. As there are many options on where to host your site, it makes you have multiple doubts. So in this blog, let me tell you what’s good and what’s not in one of the web hosting sites: HostGator.

Choosing a reliable host can save you time and effort in the future. It is better to spend more today as it will help you stand out and compete in the longer run.

HostGator is an excellent web hosting business, starting from domain names, hosting, email accounts and so much more.

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Here are the 7 reasons why you should host with HostGator.


1. Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth at Great Rates

HostGator’s Web Hosting Plans

This means that you can put anything and everything on your website without ever having to worry about running out of space.

This alone is huge ’cause nobody wants to be held back by storage limitations on how many blog posts you want to put out or high quality video that will take most of the space. That is not the case with HostGator.

HostGator’s WordPress Hosting Plans

Their WordPress Plans are also more powerful today because it is now optimized for your needs compared to their previous WordPress Plans.


2. Unlimited Sub-domains, FTP Accounts and Email Accounts

Those are three very important keys you want to keep in mind.


3. Ability to Install 75 Open Source Applications

This includes WordPress (which is extremely popular, Joomla, Drupal, and even Media Wiki. Media Wiki is an excellent platform that allows you to build your own Wikipedia-like website. This is good if you have a lot of good information to share or you just want to organize all your data in one website.


4. Control Panel

Next up is the access to full control of your website through the cPanel. This means that you have access to shopping cart, so if you have a store this is amazing. You also have access to blogging, which is quite obvious ’cause it’s also the main reason why you are reading this blog post. And last but not the least, you do have access to forums, so if you want to open your blog posts and share them to other bloggers, you can definitely do that and link each others’ sites for better blog traffic.


5. 99.99% Up-time Guarantee

So what happens to the 0.01% up-time? Well, honestly, this is normal for any website or any company out there. Nobody can guarantee 100% up-time. Even the blogs which receives the most traffic experience it.

The service offered by HostGator is one of the more reliable ones on the market with the company currently claiming to offer a 99.99% up-time and while they do not provide statistics to back up their claims, the general consensus among customers is that the claims are true. They also offer backup and restore options as their public, shared servers are backed up once every week. It costs some money if you do not provide the backup file but it is free in case you yourself have kept a backup. Unlike many others, the company does not hide behind a veil and they are open about their resources and services. They have many high profile partners from the tech and communication industry with Cisco, Dell and AT&T among some of the most recognizable names on the list. As of 2013 they host upwards of 8 million domains.


6. 24/7/365 Support

Whether you have questions at 4 o’clock in the morning or Christmas Eve or even your birthday, HostGator support is always on your side.

The way I say it may sound a little bit of advertising but they are really there whenever you need them. You want a response as quick as possible right? That’s a good thing because they have support teams to assist us even during major holidays.


7. No Contract

Once you sign up for HostGator’s plans, you are entitled to a 45-day money back guarantee. You also do not have any contract to sign which makes it good if you are unsatisfied with their service (which I doubt will happen).

The overall user experience on HostGator is positive and user friendly, and the best part is not even their customer support. With every web hosting plan you start at HostGator they provide you a 45 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the services on offer you can get your money back in full. This is not applicable for plans on dedicated servers and on administrative fees. HostGator provides great service and a very reliable hosting. The only downside I can see is their costly domain registrations.