Demystifying the True Influence of Web Design on SEO

If you continue to suppose of web design as having nothing to do with how you carry out marketing, you’re in for a surprise. Many business homeowners believe that net design has nothing to try and do with internet selling, even though they understand its aesthetic significance. In truth, internet style contributes more than simply aesthetic attractiveness to a website.

Getting Back To The Important Stuff

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Web style contributes to SEO and improvement of traffic to a website since it directly influences user expertise. Business homeowners and alternative skilled grasp that web style is important, but few will justify exactly why this can be thus. It’s not enough to grasp it matters, why will it matter?

Many net design professionals have found themselves in a fix at only once or another when a consumer asks why web design is therefore important. If you have got been one among them, below are a few solid answers that you’ll be able to provide your consumer next time you are put directly and are at a loss for what to say.

Research conducted to find out whether totally different content factors and style components on a web site may contribute to the rise/decrease of mistrust among sure users visiting health-connected websites. Contrary to standard opinion, the study found that design components made a larger contribution to trust/mistrust, much additional than actual content.

In the study, concerning 94p.c of those who mistrusted a website pointed to issues directly connected to design, while only vipercent remarked content. Now, even though this study targeted health websites, the essential principles are applicable throughout the web world.

Some components distinguished as increasing mistrust by respondents include:

  • Flamboyant pop-up advertisements
  • Overly complicated or busy layouts
  • Hard-to-scan little print in places
  • Slow website load times and uninteresting intros
  • Lack of color/generally boring internet style

Content Is Still Important

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While net design is all-important, content still plays a necessary and irreplaceable role in search engine optimization and branding, especially regarding enhancement of trust. Participants from the study cited content-related reasons for the increase in trust in 83% of cases.

They liked sites because they were impartial, clear, relevant, informative and recent. Specifically, respondents lauded sites that offered age-acceptable data and effectively addressed FAQs.

Essentially, web design and content play the same role in providing a wholesome user expertise on a web site. While not enticing internet style, users will not dedicate the time to read through content in the positioning. An enticing internet design while not high-quality content can leave users feeling cheated.


The Relationship Between Web Design And SEO

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For effective web design, take into account the bigger picture – approach of web style should be with a holistic read of the business, or it may not succeed. The design ought to aim to satisfy users’ eyes, but it should additionally further alternative business objectives/goals, branding, SEO and overall conversion rates to be specific.

By approaching web style with SEO in mind, you ought to take a long-term read. Trends in web style are fleeting, in these days and out tomorrow. However, the complete and online presence is there to remain. Rightly specializing in the additional permanent side can facilitate a net designer to form one thing impactful. On the other hand, you must remember what’s currently effective/catchy/trendy.

For instance, parallax style is one among the foremost recent trends in internet design. In parallax design, the creation of the website is as one page, that goes on and on and on. Users appreciate it since they’ll scroll through content continuously, while webmasters am fond of it since it keeps users engaged.

However, search engines are not huge fans of parallax design since you eliminate utterly some aspects search engines used to understand content on a web site. Additionally, you eliminate the chance to unfold out your keywords through multiple pages – you have got to use all in an exceedingly single URL. Hence, while aesthetically pleasing, it might have a detrimental effect for SEO in a website.

On the opposite hand, there’s responsive net design. Now that the mobile age began, officially rubber-stamped by Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm released on April twenty first, search engines love websites that have invested in responsive web style.

Website house owners find it irresistible because it eliminates the need to own 2 completely different websites – desktop and mobile – and the issues that come with it: content duplication, link juice dilution etc. Responsive design has also been shown to contribute to lower bounce rates, and it solves the SEO issues created by parallax style – you still have multiple pages to spread out your keywords.

Users find it irresistible as a result of they can expertise the location the same approach no matter the device on which they are on. From an optimization perspective, the responsive design offers better returns for website owners.


Internet design should never be in terms of aesthetics solely. It is hardly a matter of choice, preference or what appearance smart. Indeed, the impact of web style reaches deep into the matters most significant to a business: driving conversions and effectively communicating with the audience.