How to Add Pages and Categories on the Header in WordPress

Pages and Categories are often interchanged. Well, this is quite confusing but let me tell you their difference before teaching you how to add them on the header of your website.

A page is somehow similar to a blog post. You make it, it stands alone. A category, on the other hand, is a compilation of blog posts. Once it is clicked, all the articles under that category will be shown.

Now that you know the difference between the two, I will now teach you how to add pages and categories on the header of your WordPress Site.

1. From your WordPress Dashboard, hover your mouse to the “Appearance” tab on the left sidebar. Then, click “Menus”.


Step 1


2. After clicking “Menus”, you will be asked to create a menu. Just name it any way you want.


Step 2


3. To add a page to your header, click the “Pages” tab. Your published pages will be shown there. Check the tick boxes of your chosen pages and click “Add to Menu”. It will automatically be included in the “Menu Structure” tab.


Step 3


4. To add a category, click the “Categories” tab.


Step 4.1


You may be wondering why there is nothing in the “Most Used” tab, that is because I haven’t published any post yet. But if you’ve published yours already, it will be shown in there. If not, click the “View All” tab beside.


Step 4.2


5. Check all the tick boxes of the categories you want to add on your header and click “Add to Menu”.

Step 5


6. Now that you’ve added the categories and pages, you may want to arrange them according to your preference. Simply drag each box to the order you want it to be.


Step 6.1


If you want to do it manually, just click on the drop down icon of the page or category, and choose whether you want to move it up or move it down.


Step 6.2


7. Now that your header is arranged, scroll down a bit until you see the “Menu Settings” just below it. Look for the “Theme Locations”, check the tick box for “Primary Menu”, and click “Save Menu”.


Step 7

You can now check your site and see your blog well set-up.