How to Become a Blogger

You understand you wish to put your personal stamp on the Internet, however you’re not sure the way to accomplish it. By changing into a blogger, you carve out a piece of the digital pie and adorn it with the sort of content you wish to form.

Everyone’s journey to blogging differs in many respects, however the following road map can begin you on your path.

Choose a Niche


A niche might reflect your passion for outdoor sports or your goal to travel the world.


Several widespread blogs cowl a wide range of content, from sports to politics, however most beginning bloggers succeed more quickly with a distinct segment. Choose a topic for your blog that ignites your passion thus you’ll never lack motivation to keep it running.

Your niche would possibly relate to your profession, your hobbies, or a cause you find notably worthy. Narrow niches draw little however avid audiences, but build sure your topic offers sufficient breadth to fuel years of blog posts.

Sign Up for a Blog

If you’ve never blogged before, think about signing up for net hosting services in the links listed below as your blog host. All you’ve got to try and do is select a blog address (the name of your blog) and a domain name if you want one. These firms handle all the serious lifting behind the scenes therefore you’ll concentrate on making content.

Your blog’s name should mirror the sort of content you would like to post. You might use your own name or create a crafty and creative title that implies your niche.

Brainstorm Post Topics

Brainstorm post concepts in a very notebook or a word processing software program. Don’t censure yourself at this stage – write down every idea that comes to mind. Later, you’ll eliminate the ideas that don’t resonate along with your authorial voice.

Generate a minimum of seventy-100 blog post titles. Afterward, decide how usually you’ll post to your blog. Some bloggers add new content each day (or even multiple times per day), whereas others blog only a pair times a week. Frequency matters less than consistency. Create a schedule and follow it.

Create an Editorial Calendar

This sounds complicated and time-consuming, however it’s not. Newspapers, magazines, and different publication produce editorial calendars to arrange precisely what they can publish in every edition. A blog’s editorial calendar consists of dates and post names.

Based on the titles you brainstormed, decide when each can post to your blog. If you wish to post once per week, as an example, your 1st month of blogging requires four or 5 posts, depending on the date you publish.

Write Your Posts


From Your Mind to Your Blog’s Front Page


Take time to craft interesting, entertaining, or informative blog posts. Some bloggers write and post in the same day, whereas others produce posts many days ahead. Your schedule should reflect your personal tastes and preferences.

Include pictures, videos, and alternative graphic components to your blog posts whenever doable. According to HubSpot, 40 p.c of consumers respond a lot of favorably to visual content than text-solely articles.

Maintain Your Blog

Your traffic, links, and different metrics will increase as long as you still post to your blog. In addition to publishing articles and different content, interact together with your visitors as frequently as doable.

Respond to comments, post updates to social media, and create content that answers questions or provides some type of price to readers.

Monetize Your Blog

If you would like to get revenue from your blog, develop a monetization arrange. You may use show ads, affiliate advertising, or sponsored posts to bring in money from your efforts.