How to Change Your WordPress Theme

A great theme can make your blog or your  website to stand out among others. It is  the virtual representation of how  established you are as a blogger.  Choosing the perfect theme may be hard because there are lots of factors to consider.

It’s a good thing that there are lots of companies who sell professional and quality themes. A few good ones are Template Monster and Theme Forest.

But, let’s not talk about that for now. You can always do that later. In this post, I will teach you how to change your WordPress Theme.

 1. Go to your dashboard.


Step 1


2. On the left sidebar, hover your mouse on the “Appearance” tab. Then, click “Themes”.


Step 2


3. On this part, you will see your installed themes. Whenever you hover your mouse to any of the themes, you will be given two options: “Activate” and “Live Preview”.


Step 3


Activate – If you click this, your selected theme will then be used in your blog.

Live Preview – This, on the other hand, will test your current settings to your selected theme.


4. If there are only few options in your Themes Page, scroll down and click “Add New Theme.” Here you can browse several themes for you to use.


Step 4


5. Once you have decided, click the theme and install.


Step 5


Note: Whenever you click install, you are not activating the selected theme. You are only adding it on your Themes Page to easily activate it in order for you to use it all throughout your blog.