How To Start a Blog

Have you ever felt like you want to start making money online by creating a blog?

When you badly want to start a blog today, you’re hit with a lot of options to start with, killing all the ideas you may have. It’s time-consuming enough to pick the right niche for your blog, don’t let overthinking get to your nerves.

Well, there’s good news: Creating a blog to earn money doesn’t have to give you so much hassle. With the right tools and knowledge to start with, you could easily build an engaging blog that will capture your readers’ attention.

Follow these beginner-friendly guide to creating your very own blog, and we’ll help you start your site after reading this blog post. When we’re done, you’ll know exactly how to start a blog that gives you a lot of visitors and earns you money. Ready for the steps? Let’s dive in.

5 Steps To Start a Blog


1. Pick your niche

Before you start diving into investing in your blog, you need to get your story straight, just like you would make a business plan before starting. You want to establish a niche where you are really comfortable to write, and create a variety of topics under your chosen niche. Then, you can improve it by writing a few main points and sub-topics.

Keep in mind that you should simplify the contents to make it easy to be understood.


2. Pick a domain and a web host provider

After you’ve picked the right niche, figure out what web hosting plans work best for you. Think of this step as one of the most important, because it supports you on the technical side of your blog (and that most of the plans are paid yearly.)

There are three main web hosting companies which offer great plans: GoDaddy, BlueHost, and HostGator. If you are just a starting blogger, it is best to use a self-hosted WordPress site. It gives you the convenience of using the easy-to-use interface of WordPress.

GoDaddy offers the most affordable price to register your domain. Most plans (starting from $1 per month) \ even give you a free domain for every annual plan purchase. GoDaddy is a good choice for starting bloggers with a low budget.

BlueHost, on the other hand, costs a little more when it comes to their pricing compared to GoDaddy’s plans but it gives you a generous package for your web hosting needs. This includes the bandwidth limits and its simplicity which is great for new and experienced users to use. Click here to read our review on BlueHost.

Last but not the least is HostGator. This web hosting companies is the best when it comes to speed compared to the first two web hosting companies I’ve mentioned earlier. For hosting itself, HostGator is great. However, when you would like to get an affordable domain, you might wanna go with GoDaddy. Click here to read our review on HostGator.

There are more web hosting services that may suit your needs. You can check the review on SiteGround here.

Want to get great deals and discounts for your web hosting service? Click here.


3. Design your website (or hire someone to do it for you)

All hosting plans comes with a free-to-use templates for your blog. The only problem I’ve noticed is that not everybody has the creative juices in designing their blogs from scratch.

Fret not, because there is what we call WordPress Hosting. This lets you use the easy WordPress panels and, of course, the free plug-ins to further boost your site.

However, if you want to design your own website, then check these cool and professional-looking templates at Template Monster or Theme Forest.

Another thing to consider is your very own logo. It is important to get a professional-looking logo. You can either create it yourself, if you have great Photoshop skills, or you can have it made. At 48 Hours Logo, they give you the opportunity to set up a contest and pay only for the your chosen logo.


4. Check for affiliate programs

An affiliate program is one way of earning money online. The only way to earn using this program is when you refer a customer to buy their products in the company’s website. You will be given a link for your visitors to use. If someone buys through your links, ca-ching! You will be getting your commission.


4. Prepare at least 10 articles

This is the golden rule in starting a blog. You should have at least 10 articles in your site. Why? Because you don’t want to leave your first visitor hanging right? Provide great articles and link them together. Make your readers want to read more.


5. Publish a post regularly

Try posting a blog with 500-800 words every week. You know what they say, content is king. If you create great contents for your blog, you will get a lot of visitors which will increase your sales from the commission. Allot 1-2 hours of your time everyday to make a great article.


6. Optimize your blog

Optimizing your blog makes it easy for search engines to find your blog. To make it easier, you can do this step by paying SEO or Search Engine Optimization companies to do all the work for you. Some great companies are 180fusion and Social Bubbler.

If you want to learn how to optimize a blog yourself, read my post on Ways to Optimize Your Blog.

Last, but certainly not least, you want to keep on replying to comments on your blog. This way, you will capture your readers’ hearts and make them want to read more from your blog. Want to establish your site in just 7 days? From Zero to Hero is the perfect e-book to teach you everything you need about that.

Then, you’re ready to make your way to the top and start earning money online. And you know what the best part is? Next time, starting another blog for another niche won’t be so hard anymore.