How to Start a Photography Blog

Every photograph you are taking, whether you shoot wildlife on the African Savanna or fashion icons on the runway, reveals your voice and your unique approach to your art. If you don’t show your photos in a very public forum, you deprive others of the chance to witness your artistic vision.

A photography blog provides you with a personalised area in that to not only publish your images, but discuss your techniques, gear, and upcoming projects.

Create a Blog

BlogPress will facilitate you decide on a blog name, set up a replacement blog, choose a subject matter, and publish your first post. You don’t have to stress concerning the technical aspect of blogging; instead, you’ll concentrate on creating a photography blog that reflects your personal vision.

Make your photography the star of the show. You would possibly post text along along with your images, however concentrate 1st on the photos. According to internet selling experts WMG, “40 [p.c] of people respond better to visual info than plain text.”

Take Photographs Daily

Photography blog
Give your camera a workout every day.

The best photography bloggers perceive that blogs demand regular content. You may take special photography excursions only once a month, but create sure you utilize your camera daily.

Take pictures of sweeping landscapes and magnificent architectural marvels, but find time for the insufficient things, too. Take pictures of the items and folks you love to humanize your blog.

Create a Personal Style

As a photographer, you would possibly have already got completed this step. Maybe you concentrate on moody, dramatic portraiture or up-close wildlife photography.

Use your personal vogue to make your online brand. When individuals visit your blog, do they automatically recognize the imagery and determine it as yours?

From your compositional preferences to your post-processing repertoire, your personal vogue describes every side of your photography. Try to post images that mirror that vogue whenever possible.

Provide Value

Photography blog
Make each image you display on your blog intentional.

Some photography blogs excel with daily doses of lovely imagery and zilch else, but most photographers add some a lot of meat to the bones of their blog. You may share lighting tips, for instance, or discuss the most effective glass for nighttime photography.

If your vogue is a lot of journalistic, you would possibly use the text area on your photography blog to precise your opinions on a topic (op-ed) or to tell a story regarding what you saw through the viewfinder. Make your blog a area of self-expression.

Monetize Your Blog

Several choices exist to monetize your blog, from running show ads to selling your images. You may wish to partner with a photography web site like SmugMug that helps connect you with patrons.

Some photographers concentrate on stock sales (like through ThinkStock or iStock Photo), whereas others like to sell fine art prints to individual consumers. This depends on your artistic goals and your expertise level.

Whereas your photos may seem on a separate website, your photography blog curates, displays, and identifies your imagery. It’s the place folks visit once they wish to learn additional about you and your work, and it doesn’t force you to compete with other artists.