Kalsada Burger Review

Mouth watering. 

Kalsada Burger: Waling Waling

This burger left me speechless after tasting the delicious Waling-Waling.

On the quiet street of Yellowbell in Pembo, Makati City, a new burger restaurant came to make its street name louder than ever. Kalsada Burger, a street-themed burger stop, is climbing its way to the top by offering amazing burgers at affordable prices.

Kalsada Burger Menu and Price


Not only do they offer great burgers for your appetite, but they also have other add-ons to make your visit worthwhile and at the same time appetizing.

Kalsada Burger Menu and PricesAnother great advantage of Kalsada Burger to its competing stores is that they have a friendly-service and a cleaner place.

But wait, that’s not all. They also have some mustard and ketchup to control the taste of your burger and match your desires.

11880783_10207479515292458_1026054735_nAnother thing that caught our attention are the toy cars at the wall. This is the first thing we notice as we enter the store as it is rare to find something like this in the city.

Pictures, and special car plates are also hung at the wall. Too bad we were not able to take a picture. I guess I’ll just update this post with those pictures and more reviews of the product.

Overall, Kalsada Burger has what it takes to be the next burger sensation not just in Makati but also in the whole Philippines.

Thumbs up!

Kalsada Burger


Kalsada Burger

Monday-Saturday 1:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Blk. 43 Lot 7 Yellowbell St. Pembo, Makati City