Why You Should Never Pay Month-To-Month for Blog Hosting

When you buy a new car, your insurance agent gives you the option to either pay your premium in monthly installments or to cut your costs by paying for six months or longer in advance. BlogPress offers a similar money-saving opportunity, but many consumers fail to see the advantages. If you’re considering paying month-to-month for blog hosting, consider these compelling reasons to ditch the installment plan and pay up front.

You’ll Waste Time Paying Another Bill

Blog hosting
Prepaying for blog hosting allows your fingers to do the typing without the stress of a looming bill.

Most people pay numerous bills each month – housing, electricity, natural gas, water, Internet, cable, telephone, and various types of insurance all come into play. Why saddle yourself with another monthly obligation? When you pay month-to-month for blog hosting, you create an additional task for your mounting to-do list.

If you pay your blog hosting bill one year in advance, on the other hand, you take care of it all at once. You don’t have to worry about that expense until the following year. It simplifies your blogging strategy and allows you to focus on what matters: creating engaging content.

You’ll Waste Money

If you pay for your blog hosting month-to-month, you’ll spend more overall than you would if you paid in advance. Companies offer this incentive to create a win-win situation for both parties. The host receives payment up front and you receive a discount.

For example, with BlogPress you’ll save over 40% by paying yearly instead of monthly.

Mentally calculate all the bills you pay every month. If you could knock a few dollars off each of those bills, how much money would you save? Think strategically when setting up your blog to minimize your costs in every way possible.

You’ll Lack An Incentive To Keep Blogging

The average business blog takes between six months and one year to take off, according to The Sales Lion, a marketing and consulting firm. Other blogging niches undergo similar start-up periods during which they attract an audience, build search engine rankings, and generate word-of-mouth interest.

Many bloggers get discouraged after a month or two of diligent posting. They wonder why they don’t receive more comments or social media shares.

As long ago as 2009, the New York Times reported that 95 percent of blogs had been abandoned. Their authors gave up and neglected to update them again. You don’t want that to happen to your blog.

If you prepay for blog hosting, you create a built-in motivation to continue down your chosen path. Otherwise, it’s too easy to pull the plug before you’ve given your start-up blog a chance.

You’ll Forget About The Installments

Installment payments for blog hosting and other services easily slip your mind when you’re concentrating on other tasks. If you forget to pay your bill, you might lose access to your site until you rectify the problem. Alternatively, installments that are deducted automatically from your bank account might take you by surprise if you aren’t expecting them.

Paying for blog hosting in advance allows you to organize your finances more effectively. You don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses or forgotten bills. Instead, you know your hosting has already been covered.

When you create a blog, pay for your hosting at least one year in advance. You’ll save money, eliminate a headache, and create powerful motivation to follow through with your plan.